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      2015-08-08 來源:www.zp552.com 
        出國留學網小編為大家帶來美國留學法律專業個人簡歷模板,希望對出國留學的同學有所幫助。想了解更多留學精彩內容,出國留學網為你詳細解答。  美國研究生申請法


        1999-2000 College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium).

        Masters of Advanced European Legal Studies (LLM.) with an average of 15. 7/20 (Top 5%).

        Main courses and seminars: Antitrust Law, European Economic Law, European Legal System, State Aids, and Corporations.

        1993-1998 Universita degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

        “Laurea in Giurisprudenza”(J.D.) with the final mark of 110/110 cum laude (Top 1%).

        Thesis in Comparative Private Law on “Pre-contractual liability under French Law”. From October 1995 until March 1996, I participated in the law school exchange program organized by the E.U. (ERASMUS) at Universite Pantheon-Assas Paris II. I passed 4 exams with an average of 8.5/10.

        professional EXPERIENCE

        3/01-9/02 Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton (3/01-3/02 Rome; 3/02-9/02 Brussels)

        Worked on cases concerning mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, cartels, and abuses of dominant position, and other fields of E.C. (i.e., free movement of goods, public procurement) and Italian law (Antitrust Law, Civil Law, and Corporate Law), including participation in proceedings before the E.C. Commission (i.e., notifications, responses to statements of objection, oral hearings and complaints), the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance, as well as the drafting of advice on the above mentioned matters.

        10/00-2/01 European Commission - DG I.G.1 (Brussels)

        Training period with Directorate General I “External Relations: Commercial Policy” in the Unit dealing with “Multilateral commercial policies and WTO and OECD questions” Legal and policy analysis in the context of the WTO Dispute Settlement mechanism.

        美國研究生申請法律專業簡歷:10/99-10/00 Studio Legale Pappalardo & Associati (Brussels)

        Worked on cases concerning mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, cartels and abuses of dominant position, as well as in other fields of E.C. and Italian Law. Submission of antidumping complaints to the E.C. Commission and of observations before the antidumping authorities of third countries (Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa).

        7/99-9/99 Freshilelds (Brussels)

        Participation in the preparation of analysis documents on several E.C. Law issues and other research activities.

        professional LICENSE Member of the Rome Bar since September 2001

        ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS Playing football (soccer), classical music, cooking and science fiction novels.

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