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        絕密 啟用前


        英 語




        1. 答卷前,考生務必將自己的姓名,準考證號填寫在試題卷和答題卡上,并將準考證號條形碼粘貼在答題卡上的指定位置。用2B鉛筆將答題卡上試卷類型A后的方框涂黑。

        2. 選擇題的作答,每小題選出答案后,用2B鉛筆把答題卡上對應題目的答案標號涂黑。如需改動,用橡皮擦干凈后,再涂選其它答案標號,答在試題卷上,草稿紙上無效。

        3. 完成句子和短文寫作題的作答:用0.5毫米黑色墨水簽字筆直接答在答題卡上對應的答題區域內。答在試題卷上,草稿紙上無效。

        4. 考生必須保持答題卡的整潔。考試結束后,請將本試卷和答題卡一并上交。





        1.What’s the weather like at the moment?

        A. Rainy B. Sunny C. Cloudy

        英語試卷A型 第1頁(共16頁)

        2. What’s the women’s roommate like?

        A. She’s patient.

        B. She’s nice .

        C. She’s tidy .

        3. Why has John moved out?

        A. To be near school.

        B. To live in a quiet place.

        C. To avoid the trouble.

        4. What’s the man problem?

        A. He can’t see the nice clearly.

        B. He has no in the movie.

        C. He’s parked in the wrong place.

        5. Which musical instrument dose have?

        A. Drums.

        B. A guitar.

        C. A violin.




        6.What can we learn from the conversation?

        A. The wonmen has missed flight.

        B. The plane will take off tonight.

        C. The airport is closed.

        7. What dose the women want?

        A. A room for herself alone.

        B. A hotel close to the airport.

        C. A room with bright light.

        英語試卷A卷 第2頁 (共16頁)



        8. What can we learn about the woman?

        A. She isn’t familiar with the Internet.

        B. She can’t afford a camera.

        C. She doesn’t like MA-205.

        9. What is the man probably going to do next?

        A. Reduce the budget.

        B. Change the model.

        C. Order a camera.


        10. What does the man show the woman?

        A. A magazine

        B. Hair care products.

        C. A bottle of red wine.

        11. How will the woman’s hair look?

        A. Long

        B. Short

        C. Shoulder-length.

        12. Why doesn’t the woman want to change the color of her hair?

        A. She thinks it’s too expensive.

        B. She’s afraid it might damage her hair.

        C. She doesn’t like the suggested color.


        13.How much pocket money does Lily get a month?

        A. About 20 pounds.

        B. About 15 pounds.

        C. About 5 pounds.

        14. Why does Lily want more pocket money?

        A. To get as much as her friends.

        B. To pay for music lessons.

        C. To buy some clothes.

        英語試卷A卷 第3頁(共16頁)


        15.When can Lily have pocket money?

        A. When she proves good at her school work..

        B. When she no longer argues with her mum.

        C. When she is mature in her mum’s eyes.

        16.What does David suggest Lily do?

        A .Have a discussion with her mum.

        B. Help her mum with housework.

        C. Sit down and wait Balmy.


        17.Where is the speaker?

        A. On a plane.

        B. In a bus.

        C. At a tourist site.

        18.Why is food or drink not allowed on the journey?

        A. To avoid annoying others.

        B. To show respect for the guide.

        C. To guarantee passengers’ safety.

        19.How long can the tourists stay at the first destination?

        A. 15 to 30 minutes.

        B. About an hour.

        C. About two hours.

        20.What is the second resonation famous for?

        A. Stonehenge.

        B. The River Avoid.

        C. The Raman Baths.

        英語試卷A型 第4頁(共16頁)





        例:To make members of a team perform better, the trainer first of all has to know their______ and weaknesses.

        A. strengths B. benefits C. techniques D. values


        21.“Tommy, run! Be quick! The house is on fire!” the mother shouted, with______ elderly in her votes.

        A . near B. rudeness C. regret D. patois

        22.Giviog up maker to go back to full time caudation was s a big________, but now I know was the best decision I ever made.

        A. project B. commitment C. competition D. ambition

        23.The old engineer’s eyes still shone bright in the wrinkled brown face and his step as he came across the room was________,though slow.

        A. shaky B. heavy C. casual D. steady

        24.An unhappy childhood may have some negative effects on a person’s characters however, they are not always_________,

        A. practical B. avoidable C. permanent D. beneficial

        25,The state-run company is required to make its accounts as_________ as possible for its staff to monitor the use of money.

        A. transparent B. reasonable C. securer D. format

        26.Know font if we want to the success but they may also________ out thinking.

        A. direct B. limit C. change D. improve

        27.The minister said. “We are ready for discussions with any legal parties, but we’ll never_______ with criminals.”

        A. negotiate B. quarrel C. argue D. consult

        28.Clinical evidence began to__________, suggesting that the new drugs had a wider range of useful activities than had been predicted from experiments in animals.

        A. operate B. straighter C. approve D. accumulate

        英語試卷A型 第5頁(共16頁)


        29. The government has taken measures to the high prices of daily goods to keep the market stable.

        A. take down B. bring down C. hand down D. tear down

        30.When asked about their opinion about the schoolmaster ,many teachers would prefer to see him step aside younger men.

        A. in terms of B. in need of C. in favor of D. in praise of



        The young wonman entered the pool where an injured dolphin(海豚) was swimming. Despite her fear,she felt strong wearing her new leg.

        In her second grade. Maja 31 her cousin.Jasmina.After Jasmina’s death.Maja swore she would honor the little girl by 32 with a dolphin,an animal that both girls 33 .”Jasmina never got the chance to do it.”says Maja.now32,”so I 34 that someday I’d do it for her.”

        In high school,Maja was 35 about sports. she even planned to become an athlete. 36 ,in 1993. during the eivil war in her home country, a bomb 37 her left leg.

        After tow years’ 38 in the U.S.,Maja received her first artifierd (人造的)leg. But 39 it didn’t fit well, walking for Maja was painfei 40 she managed to graduart from a loca high school. Then after receiving a 41 from Saint Francis University, she got a job at an insurance firm and 42 started her own campany.

        To relax. Maja 43 ofter watch the dolphins play at an auarium (水族館)near her home.A young dolphin. Winter, who had lost its tail, eaught her 44 One day,Maja happened to see trainers 45 Winter with a high-teeh tail.When they were done.Winter swam freely in the water.Maja was 46 . She managed to find the inventors of Winter’s tail.Within ten days,she

        英語試卷A型 第6頁(共16頁)


        had a new leg which freed her the 47 that had troubled her for almost 16years.

        Now, Maja was ready to keep her 48 .She went to the aquarium. Lowered herself into the pool and held out a hand to Winter, who approached 49 , then swum away. After a few minutes. The dollop hint let Maja 50 its back Finally .the began to swim around the together.

        31. A .lost B. visited C .rescued D. left

        32. A. talking B. living C. swimming D. surfing

        33. A.adored B. adopted C. possessed D. premised

        34. A. pretended B.deeided C. perfected D. agreed

        35. A. positive B. atheistic C. particular D. curious

        36 .A. Undoubtedly B. Surprisingly C. Strangely D. Unturunaterl

        37 .A. took away B. took ever C. cut down D. cut out

        38 .A. study B. potation C. treatment D. experiment

        39 .A. until B. because C. although D. it

        40 .A. Otherwise B. Therefore C. Besides D. However

        41 .A. scholarships B. degree C. prize D. notice

        42 .A. gradually B. actually C. eventually D. niter

        43. A. might B. should C. could D. hand

        44 .A. eye B. leg C. nose D. hand

        45 .A. celebrating B. grueling C. marking D. firm

        46. A. inspired B. passed C. shocked D. amused

        47 .A. worry B. sadness C. pain D. fear

        48 .A. appointment B. promise C. record D. halt

        49 .A. blindly B. angrily C. gratefully D. cautiously

        50 .A. strike B. cover C. touch D. wipe

        英語卷A卷 第7頁 (共16頁)





        Honesty, my mum always used to tell me, is the best policy. Of course, this didin’t include her when she told me that if I didn’t eat all my vegetables Father Christmas would find out and wouldn’t give me any presents.

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