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      2011-12-26 來源:讀書人 






        英 語




        1. 答第一卷前,考生務必將自己的姓名、準考證號填寫在本試卷和答題卡相對應的位置上。

        2. 選出每小題答案后,用鉛筆把答題卡上對應題目的答案標號涂黑。如需改動,用橡皮擦干凈后,再選涂其他答案標號。不能答在本試卷上,否則無效。

        第一部分 聽力(共兩節,滿分30分)


        第一節 (共5小題;每小題1.5分,滿分7.5分)


        例:How much is the shirt?

        A. £19.15. B. £9.15. C. £9.18.


        1. What does the man like about the play?

        A. The story. B. The ending. C. The actor.

        2. Which place are the speakers trying to find?

        A. A hotel. B. A bank. C. A restaurant.

        3. At what time will the two speakers meet?

        A. 5:20. B. 5:10. C.4:40.

        4. What will the man do ?

        A. Change the plan. B. Wait for a phone call. C. Sort things out.

        5. What does the woman want to do ?

        A. See a film with the man. B. Offer the man some help C. Listen to some great music.




        6.Where is Ben?

        A. In the kitchen. B. At school. C. In the park.

        7.What will the children in the afternoon?

        A. Help set the table. B. Have a party. C. Do their homework.


        8. What are the two speakers talking about?

        A. A Family holiday. B. A business trip. C. A travel plan.

        9. Where did Rachel go?

        A. Spain. B. Italy. C. China.


        10.How did the woman get to know about third-hand smoke?

        A. From young smokers. B. From a newspaper article. C. From some smoking parents.

        11. Why does the man say that he should keep away from babies?

        A. He has just become a father. B. He wears dirty clothes. C. He is a smoker.

        12. What does the woman suggest smoking parents should do ?

        A.Stop smoking altogether. B. Smoke only outside their houses.

        C. Reduce dangerous matter in cigarettes.


        13. Where does Michelle Ray come from?

        A. A middle-sized city. B. A small town. C. A big city.

        14. Which place would Michelle Ray take her visitors to for shopping?

        A. The Zen Garden B. The Highlands. C. The Red River area.

        15. What does Michelle Ray do for complete quiet?

        A. Go camping. B. Study in a library. C. Read at home.

        16.What are the speakers talking about in general?

        A. Late-night shopping. B. Asian food. C. Louisville.


        17. Why do some people say they never have dreams according to Dr Garfield ?

        A. They forget about their dreams. B.They don't want to tell the truth.

        C. They have no bad experiences.

        18. Why did Davis stop having dreams?

        A. He got a serious heart attack. B.He was too sad about his brother's death

        C. He was frightened by a terrible dream.

        19. What is Dr Garfield s opinion about dreaming?

        A. It is very useful. B. It makes things worse.

        C. It prevents the mind from working.

        20. Why do some people turn off their dreams completely?

        A. To sleep better. B. To recover from illnesses.

        C. To stay away from their problems.

        第二部分 英語知識運用(共兩節,滿分45分)

        第一節 單選填空(共15 小題;每小題1分,滿分15分)


        例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants.

        A .however B .whatever C.whichever D.whenever


        21.---We could invite John and Barbara to the Friday night party.

        ---Yes, ?I’ll give them a call right now.

        A. why not B. What for C. why D. what

        22. Try she might, Sue couldn’t get the door open.

        A. if B. when C. since D. as

        23.Planning so far ahead no sense-so many things will have changed by next year.

        A.made B.is making C.makes D.has made

        24.I wasn’t sure if he was really interested or if he polite.

        A.was just being B.will just be C.had just been D.would just be

        25.—Someone wants you on the phone.

        — nobody knows I am here.

        A.Although B.And C.But D.So

        26.I can the house being untidy, but I hate it if it’s not clean.

        A. come up with B. put up with C. turn to D. stick to

        27.The next thing he saw was smoke from behind the house.

        A. rose B. rising C. to rise D. risen

        28.Only when he reached the tea-house it was the same place he’d been in last year.

        A. he realized B. he did realize C. realized he D. did he realize

        29.When Alice came to, she did not know how long she there.

        A. had been lying B. has been lying C. was lying D. has lain

        30.The form cannot be signed by anyone yourself.

        A. rather than B. other than C. more than D. better than

        31.The prize will go to the writer story shows the most imagination.

        A. that B. which C. whose D. what

        32.They have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed.

        A. will B. can C. must D. should

        33.It is generally accepted that boy must learn to stand up and fight like man.

        A. a; a B. a; the C. the; the D. a; 不填

        34.William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight was beginning to___.

        A. disappear B. fall C. fail D. damage

        35.—Artistic people can be very difficult sometimes.

        —Well, you married one. .

        A. You name it B. I’ve got it C.I can’t agree more D. You should know

        第二節 完形填空(共20小題:每小題1.5分,滿分30分)


        In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life, a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory__36__course about 20 years ago.

        The professor __37__the lecture hall, placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans(豆), and invited the students to _38_how many beans the jar contained. After __39__shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin, dry smile, announced the __40__ answer, and went on saying, ”You have just __41__an important lesson about science. That is: Never__42__ your own senses.”

        Twenty years later, the __43__could guess what the professor had in mind. He __44__himself, perhaps,as inviting his students to start an exciting __45__into an unknown world Invisible(無形的)to the 46 ,which can be discovered only through scientific 47 .But the seventeen-year-old girl could not accept or even 48 the invitation. She was just 49 to understand the world. And she 50 that her firsthand experience could be the 51 .The professor, however, said that it was 52 .he was taking away her only 53 for knowing and was providing her with no substitute. “I remember feeling small and 54 ,”the women says, “and I did the only thing I could do. I 55 the course that afternoon, and I haven’t gone near science since.”

        36.A. art B. history C. science D. math

        37.A. searched fo B. looked at C. got through D. marched into

        38.A. count B. guess C. report D. watch

        39.A. warning B. giving C. turning away D. listening to

        40.A. ready B. possible C. correct D. difficult

        41.A. learned B. prepared C. taught D. taken

        42.A. lose B. trust C. sharpen D. show

        43.A. lecturer B. scientist C. speaker D. woman

        44.A. described B. respected C. saw D. served

        45.A. voyage B. movement C. change D. rush

        46. A. professor B. eye C. knowledge D. light

        47. A. model B. senses C. spirit D. methods

        48. A. hear B. make C. present D. refuse

        49. A. suggesting B. beginning C. pretending D. waiting

        50. A. believed B. doubted C. proved D. explained

        51. A. growth B. strength C. faith D. truth

        52. A. firm B. interesting C. wrong D. acceptable

        53. A. task B. tool C. success D. connection

        54. A. cruel B. proud C. frightened D. brave

        55. A. dropped B. started C. passed D. missed

        第三部分 閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分40分)




        When milk arrived on the doorstep

        When I was a boy growing up in New Jersey in the 1960s, we had a milkman delivering milk to our doorstep. His name was Mr. Basille. He wore a white cap and drove a white truck. As a 5-year-old boy, I couldn’t take my eyes off the coin changer fixed to his belt. He noticed this one day during a delivery and gave me a quarter out of his coin changer.

        Of course, he delivered more than milk. There was cheese, eggs and so on. If we needed to change our order, my mother would pen a note-“Please add a bottle of buttermilk next delivery”-and place it in the box along with the empty bottles. And then, the buttermilk would magically appear.

        All of this was about more than convenience. There existed a close relationship between families and their milkmen. Mr. Basille even had a key to out house, for those times when it was so cold outside that we put the box indoors, so that the milk wouldn’t freeze. And I remember Mr. Basille from time to time taking a break at our kitchen table, having a cup of tea and telling stories about his delivery.

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