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        例:What is the man going to read?

        A. A newspaper

        B. A magazine

        C. A book


        1. Who answered the phone?

        A. Mike

        B. Henry

        C. Tom

        2. What’s the woman’s favourite food?

        A. Italian.

        B. Chinese.

        C. Indian

        3. When does the first flight arrive in Detroit?

        A. 5:18am.



        4. What is the woman looking for?

        A. Zoo

        B. Telephone

        C. Tennis court

        5. What will the weather be like at the weekend?

        A. Cloudy.

        B. Snowy.

        C. Sunny




        6. Where are the two speakers?

        A. In the hotel

        B In a shop

        C. In a restaurant

        7. How much did the man pay in the end?

        A. $115.

        B. $130

        C. $140


        8. What did the man do last weekend?

        A. Watched TV.

        B. Stayed at home.

        C. Visited a friend

        9. What will the woman probably do this weekend?

        A. Play tennis.

        B. Do some shopping

        C. Go to a dance


        10. Where are the new houses?

        A. On the main road.

        B. Close to a bus station.

        C. Near the sports center.

        11. What does the woman like most about the new houses?

        A. The garden.

        B. The space.

        C. The quietness

        12. How does the man feel about the woman’s suggestion?

        A. Delighted.

        B. Disappointed.

        C. Uninterested.


        13. What can’t the students do without a teacher?

        A. Hold parties.

        B. Complete the Safety Sheet.

        C. Use any emergency equipment.

        14. Why are the students asked to tie back their loose hour in the lab?

        A. It may catch fire

        B. It may cover their eyes.

        C. It may pass chemicals to their faces.

        15. What is the speech mainly about?

        A. Laboratory regulations.

        B. Safety instructions.

        C. After-class activities.



      Telephone Cancellation Request Form

      Account Name

      Edward 16

      Telephone No.


      Home Phone Plan

      Nonrefundable(不退款) 18 pre-paid plan

      Reason for Cancellation

      19 house

      Cancellation Date Required

      20 9, by 5:00 pm


        第一節 單項填空(共15小題:每小題1分,共15分)


        例:It’s so nice to hear from her again ______, we last met more than thirty years ago.

        A. What’s more

        B. That’s to say

        C. In other words

        D. Believe it or not


        21. —Look at those clouds!

        —Don’t worry. ______ it rains, we’ll still have a great time.

        A. Even if

        B.As though

        C. In case

        D. If only

        22. By the time you have finished this book, your meal ______ cold.

        A. gets

        B. has got

        C. will get

        D.is getting

        23. One learns a language by making mistakes and ______ them.

        A. corrects

        B. correct

        C.to correct

        D. correcting

        24. Jerry did not regret giving the comment but felt ______ he could have expressed it differently.

        A. why

        B. how

        C. that

        D. whether

        25. George said that he would come to school to see me the next day, but he ______.

        A. wouldn’t

        B. didn’t

        C. hasn’t

        D. hadn’t

        26. When deeply absorbed in work, ______ he often was,he would forget all about eating or sleeping.

        A. that

        B. which

        C. where

        D. when

        27. _______ with care, one tin will last for six weeks.

        A. Use

        B. Using

        C. Used

        D. To use

        28. Many people have donated that type of blood; however, the blood bank needs _____.

        A. some

        B. less

        C. much

        D. more

        29. —Have you heard about that fire in the market?

        — Yes, fortunately no one _____.

        A. hurt

        B. was hurt

        C. has hurt

        D. had been hurt

        30. Our friendship _____ quickly over the weeks that followed.

        A. had developed

        B. was developing

        C. would develop

        D. developed

        31. ______ at the door before you enter my room, please.

        A. Knock

        B. Knocking

        C. Knocked

        D. To knock

        33. We ______ the difficulty together, but why didn’t you tell me?

        A. should face

        B. might face

        C. could have faced

        D. must have faced

        34. Do you think this shirt is too tight ____ the shoulders?

        A. at

        B. on

        C. to

        D. across

        35. Don’t handle the vase as if it ____ made of steel.

        A. is

        B. were

        C. has been

        D. had been

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