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      2013-05-11 來源:讀書人 

        Which following statement do you think is the best to make new friends: 1. Joining in a sport team. 2. Participating in community activities or traveling?2012年5月5日北美(現象證明-選項)


        Which way do you thinkis the best for a student to make new friends?A:joining a sports team;B:participating incommunity activities;C:traveling

        Friendship is one of the most valuablesentiments for people, especially for people who are in school days. Making newfriends and sharing interests with others are always exciting parts of sociallife. When it comes to the best way for students to make friends, some supportthat participating in community activities or traveling are preferable,however, from where I am stand, joining a sports team is the undoubtedly thebest choice.

        First of all, for the energetic students,doing sports is their favorite. Therefore, joining a sports team from wherethey can share same interests and relax is the easiest way to know each other.Training in the same sports team, the students cannot only release themselvesfrom whole day's pressure, but also can build up good relationships with othersthrough the communication and exercise. For example, the champions of Olympic Games,China'sfamous synchronized diving athletes, GuoJingjing and Wu Minxia, the two girls enjoy a really good friendship. Theybecame to know each other because they both joined the same sports team, andthen after exercised and played together, they finally become two enviable friends.

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