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      2013-05-11 來源:讀書人 

        Working at home using computers and telephone is better than workiing in the office.20120218NA


        Working at home using computers and telephone is better than workiing in the office.

        I fundamentally agree to work in the company's office other than work at home except for the case that I work for myself as a freelancer or home is actually the same place of the company.

        First of all, I argue that work should be separated from personal life because work is actually a formal and serious task for individual so that one has to be responsible for the job. However, if working at home, it is inevitably possible that I would be disturbed by some trivial things. For instance, being disturbed by a salesman that knocks the door or an unpredictable phone that I have to answer. All such interruption of the work would make my work in mess, and thus I cannot concentrate myself into my work. So due to these drawbacks of working at home, I prefer to stay in the office where the atmosphere of a great passion for work will motivate me for a better job.

        In addition, I don't think working at home is somehow more convenient as someone defences that it can save us a lot of time on the bus. Yet I argue that it is merely the superficial phenomenon that it seems our time is saved, because in fact, our patterns of life and work is damaged. When we are at home , we do not have to think about the annoying work done in the office if work belongs to office. But when home becomes a work place,the situation is different. It may be more than 8 hours before I finish my work since I would unconsciously spend more time in working when my office is actually my home. And the breakfast and lunch are likely to be done as simple as possible,which leaves all in a mess at home.So I doubt the advantage that working at home brings to me and I shall be suffering from the irregular life pattern.

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