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      2013-05-14 來源:讀書人 

        1.Improving schools is the most important factor in the successful development of a country.2010.5.16NA

        2.It is more likely for people with more skills to succeed.2010.6.26NA

        3.High-school graduates should have at least a year to travel or to work rather than to go to university directly.2008.11.1ML

        4.People think it is more enjoyable to work three days a week for long time than work five days a week for shorter time.2010.12.11ML

        5.Movies and televisions should always show audience that good people are rewarded and bad people are punished.2009.10.17NA

        6.Young people nowadays have no influence on decisions that determine the future of the society as a whole.2011.2.26NA(現象證明-絕對詞no)


        1.NO出現,disagree;2.細分領域,分別講年輕人在各個領域對未來社會走向的影響;3.如政治領域:作為利益群體之一,政治家在做決定時必然會考慮到他們,所以有直接影響;經濟領域:作為labor force的主要構成,有直接影響;文化領域:年輕人--傳播文化的主力軍--促進文化融合,交流。

        7.Educating children has become more difficult task because now children spend more time on cell phone, online games and social web site.2011.9.24ML

        8.The best way to improve education is to raise teachers' salaries.2009.4.3NA

        9.One can learn a lot about the person from the type of friends the person has.2011.5.28NA(現象證明)

        1.舉例說明a lot 具體指什么,然后講為什么可以學到這個東西;2.如 hobby---因為hobby相同的人更容易做朋友;消費水平,有錢程度---消費水平差不多的人會一起hang out,不然會有問題(富二代和農村少年會在一起嗎?)價值觀

        10.Young people should try several different jobs before they take a long term career.20090123NA.

        11.People should follow the ambitious dream or people should focus to achieve the realistic goals?2010.3.6NA/2012.2.5ML

        12.Young people are less dependent on their parents than in the past. 范文

        13.The personal and work-related challenges that young people face today are not any different from the challenges their parents and grandparents faced when they were young.

        14.A job with more vacation time is better than a job with high salary but less vacation time.20090227NA.范文






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