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      2013-06-25 來源:讀書人 



        ① The workers found Bob's attitude hard to stomach.

        ② The parachutist had to nerve himself for the jump from his helicopter.

        ③ A few poor children had been dogging the tourists for some time.

        ④ Tuition schools have mushroomed for the last two years.

        ⑤ The traitor was knifed and stoned to death.

        ⑥ I leafed through a few pages of the book to see what it was about.

        ⑦ Personality clashes surfaced among some rival leaders.

        ⑧ Tom elbowed his way through the crowd.

        ⑨ It is impolite to ape one's superiors.

        ⑩ Delicious food made our mouths water.


        ① The innocent girl was having a good cry.

        ② Active people are always on the go.

        ③ I often have a quiet read before going to bed.

        ④ People from all walks of life condemned a bad government.

        ⑤ Famine came in the wake of the drought.

        ⑥ The manager gave some lazy workers the sack.

        ⑦ Let me take a good look at these photos.

        ⑧ A visit to the Jurong Bird Park is a must for any tourist.

        ⑨ War is loathed by the haves and the have-nots.

        ⑩ If you have anything to discuss with me, don't hesitate to give me a ring.


        ① Don't idle away your precious time.

        ② Father's hair begins to grey.

        ③ How to quiet a fretful child?

        ④ We have no intention of seeing an innocent person humbled.

        ⑤ Something must be done to better the life of the underprivileged.

        ⑥ Language skills can be perfected by constant practice and regular reinforcement.

        ⑦ The robber wanted his victim to empty his pockets.

        ⑧ When the enemy's ships neared the land, our soldiers began to attack.

        ⑨ The man's muscles tensed as he saw the snake approaching him.

        ⑩ The hot weather soured the fresh milk.


        ① The strong tend to bully the weak.

        ② Poor innocents deserve our greatest sympathy.

        ③Richard looked like a silly in such a situation.

        ④ The secretary knows the ins and outs of the matter.

        ⑤ Do you know the whys and wherefores of the accident?

        ⑥ Though a rich man now, Peter's earlier life was marked by ups and downs.

        上述這些轉化名詞,并未具有名詞全部的特性。例如“the strong”和“the weak”形式是單數,意思是復數。還有④-⑥這些轉化名詞既有復數之形,也具復數之意。





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