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      2013-07-15 來源:讀書人 

        1. It is necessary that an efficient worker his work on time.

        A. accomplishes B. can accomplish C. accomplish D. will accomplish

        2. I know this is the right train. The ticket agent said it would be on .

        A. Platform Three B. the Platform Three C. Third Platform D. The Three Platform

        3. William is very hardworking,but his play is not for his work.

        A. enough good B. good enough C. as good enough D. good as enough

        4. I won‘t take Susan's pen because I don’t like .

        A. that pen of hers B. that her pen C. her that pen D. that pen of her

        5. I didn‘t call the hotel to make a room reservation,but I .

        A. may have B. must have C. should have D. shall have

        6. My sister will be here tomorrow,but at first I thought that she today.

        A. was coming B. is coming C. must come D. may come

        7. Land belongs to the city;there is thing as private ownership of land.

        A. no such a B. not such C. not such any D. no such

        8. The flats I have looked at so far were too expensive. So I‘m better off where I am.

        A. stay B. staying C. to stay D. stayed

        9. Since the family are moving to a new house,they have to buy new furniture.

        A. a lot of B. many C. a few D. as

        10. My son walked ten miles today. We never guessed that he could walk far.

        A. / B. such C. that D. as

        11. If talks for the new trade agreements take,food industries in both countries will be seriously affected.

        A. much too long B. too much longer

        C. too much long D. much long

        12. You and I could hardly understand each other,?

        A. could I B. couldn‘t you C. could we D. couldn't we

        13. We the visitor with an apartment,but he specifically asked for a single room.

        A. could provide B. could have provided

        C. couldn‘t provide D. couldn't have provided

        14. The missile is designed in such a way that once nothing can be done to retrieve it.

        A. fired B. being fired C. they fired D. having fired

        15.,he would not have recovered so quickly.

        A. Hadn‘t he been taken good care of

        B. Had he not been taken good care of

        C. Had not he been taken good care of

        D. Had he been not taken good care of

        參考答案:CABAC ADBAC ACBAB

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