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      2015-12-29 來源:讀書人網 
      2015年下半年大學英語四六級考試于12月19日舉行,外語頻道第一時間匯總發布了【英語四級真題及答案 英語六級真題及答案】,供廣大考生查閱。 


        在幫助國際社會于2030年前消除極端貧困過程中,中國正扮演著越來越重要的角色。自20世紀70年代末實施改革開放以來,中國已使多達四億人擺脫了貧困。在未來五年中,中國將向其他發展中國家在減少貧困、發展教育、農業現代化、環境保護和醫療保健等方 面提供援助。中國在減少貧困方面取得了顯著進步,并在促進經濟增長方面做出了不懈努力,這將鼓勵其他貧困國家應對自身發展中的挑戰。在追求具有自身特色的發展道路時,這些國家可以借鑒中國的經驗。


        China is playing an increasingly significant role in helping the international community to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. After carrying out the reform and opening-up policy in the late 1970s, China has helped as many as four hundred million people get rid of poverty. In the next five years, it will provide aid to other developing countries in reducing poverty, developing education, modernizing agriculture, improving environmental protection and medical care and so on. China has made significant progress in poverty reduction, and has made unremitting efforts in promoting economic growth, which will encourage other poor countries to cope with challenges brought by development. When exploring the distinctive development road of their own, these countries can learn from China’s experience.

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